Online Therapy

Image Credit: Teppo K., Flickr. Licensed under the Creative Commons license.

In response to COVID-19, all sessions have been moved online to secure video-conferencing and/or telephone appointments.

You won’t have to download any new software if logging in through your browser since video sessions use the existing Simple Practice HIPAA-compliant client portal.

Desktop/Laptop Requirements

  • A reliable internet connection with a speed of at least 20 mbps. Wired/ethernet connections will generally be more reliable than wifi.
  • A computer with an integrated or external microphone and webcam.
  • A computer with 4 GB of RAM and at least a 2.5 GHz processor.
  • The most updated version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Test your system with the pre-call tool.

Mobile Requirements

Benefits to Using Online Therapy

  • More flexible appointment times offered.
  • Increased physical accessibility.
  • Covered by many major insurance policies like Cigna.
  • Available statewide if you move somewhere else within the state your therapist or other telehealth provider is licensed in.

Limitations to Using Online Therapy

  • Disruptions may occur due to geographical service outages or general tech troubleshooting.
  • Not appropriate for immediate or emergent crisis. If in immediate crisis, call 911 or 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355).