Individual Therapy

“The therapist must strive to create a new therapy for every patient.”

Irvin Yalom, from The Gift of Therapy

As a first or second generation BIPOC person, do you feel like you are stuck between family expectations, your own dreams, and your own needs? As someone who may be defined as “other” are you having to constantly code switch or suppress who you really are to move between different contexts? Do you feel like you are constantly over giving to the point of not having time or resources to yourself? All of this can easily make you feel depressed, anxious, drained in your relationships, and unfulfilled.

My clients come to me in the states that I just described and after working with me report living a life that reflects their values on all levels, a more empowered ability to take up space in the world as a BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ person, and ability to ask for and receive more in their relationships-both at work and personally. I take the time to get to know my clients and work in a way that empowers them to identify and dissolve old narratives that are keeping them stuck in unsatisfying relationships or situations through an approach that is both conversational and dives deep. If you resonate, I would love to hear from you for a complimentary consultation.

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Areas of Expertise: Bilingual Spanish and English provider, working with acculturation and cultural identity