Unlearning Burnout Culture

Productivity as Obedience A mentor of mine recently said that preschool children are able to be honest about their needs and feelings because they haven’t been socialized yet. (Why else would a toddler proudly announce a poop? This is a true story of a small family member, by the way.) Socialized into what? Socialized toContinue reading “Unlearning Burnout Culture”

The Great Resignation: An HR Problem or a Revolution?

Forbes recently published an article titled “What Leaders Can Learn From the Great Resignation” outlining some reflections on what leaders can do to attract and keep talent. TLDR; Their insights boiled down to the following: 1. Create belonging: This is important for underrepresented groups at work who may overtly or covertly cover aspects of themselves,Continue reading “The Great Resignation: An HR Problem or a Revolution?”