Books for a Better Love Life

One of the most impactful theories to psychology has been attachment theory. In fact, it was attachment theory that made psychoanalysis move away from Freud’s drive theory (the idea that our primary motivation is to meet our animalistic drives) into a more relational theory (the idea that our primary motivation is relational and the needContinue reading “Books for a Better Love Life”

Making Therapy Affordable: Therapy Scholarships for Young Adults

Mental Health’s Affordability Problem Therapy (and healthcare in general) is often prohibitively expensive in the U.S.. This can be attributed to a broken system where insurance CEO profits are subsidized by rising patient premiums and stagnant provider reimbursement rates. Due to unethical actions by insurance companies like United Healthcare’s wrongful denial of coverage to thousandsContinue reading “Making Therapy Affordable: Therapy Scholarships for Young Adults”

Black and Brown Success and Mental Health

Many BIPOC professionals struggle with the mental health burden of having more access to resources and becoming successful. In some cases, they may be one of the first people in their family to have reached a certain level of social mobility. The black tax stands out as one such mental health stressor of achieving moreContinue reading “Black and Brown Success and Mental Health”

Unlearning Burnout Culture

Productivity as Obedience A mentor of mine recently said that preschool children are able to be honest about their needs and feelings because they haven’t been socialized yet. (Why else would a toddler proudly announce a poop? This is a true story of a small family member, by the way.) Socialized into what? Socialized toContinue reading “Unlearning Burnout Culture”